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Arriving in Bangkok by private jet, living in a luxury hotel, and experiencing the Marriott standard services and facilities, etc. The luxurious itinerary is not a super-rich vacation but tailored privileges of Grand Marina, Saigon’s customers.

“I have visited Bangkok many times but never experienced ‘branded’ customer service like this. The accompanying services are all thoughtful. This is a great experience,” said Phu - one of 40 customers joining a Vietnamese real estate sales event in Bangkok.

Arriving in Bangkok by private charter, 40 customers started a three-days-two-nights sales event hosted by Masterise Homes. The tourist participated in not only the real estate transactions but also a variable of privileges and benefits. The trip to experience a branded lifestyle in Bangkok successfully gave customers a vivid view of future life at Grand Marina, Saigon.

Branded Private Charter to Bangkok

The trip began on Vietnam Airlines’s private charter with many priorities at check-in counters, baggage check, and priority boarding. Upon the guests’ arrival at Bangkok airport, a warm welcome was conducted by the crew in chut Thai - traditional Thai dresses. The private charter was also customized with Grand Marina’s identity - from the seat design to the inflight passenger announcements. 

The one-of-a-kind experience in the private charter to Bangkok brings Vietnamese customers a vivid view of future life at Grand Marina, Saigon.

Experience branded waterfront residences

During the journey, our customers had the chance to experience their future life at Grand Marina, Saigon, vividly illustrated through Marriott-standard professional utility services at Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse, the luxurious sunset cocktail party at Four Seasons Bangkok. The itineraries also include a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with a personal stylist in IconSiam and, last but not least - to admire the branded waterfront residences on a cruise along the Chao Phraya river.


The customers were invited to a private cocktail party at Four Seasons, Bangkok to best experience the future branded waterfront lifestyle at Grand Marina, Saigon.

Exquisite service for branded residence owners

Luxury was in each detail, and so was the devotion of Masterise Homes - the real estate developer of Grand Marina Saigon, and Marriott - the hotel brand associated with the project. It was the hospitality smile of the Marriott team, cold towels, and cups of coconut water to dispel the heat of May in Bangkok upon the hotel check-in. It was the surprise gifts meticulously prepared by Masterise Homes and Marriott, waiting for customers in their branded apartments.

The surprise gifts were meticulously prepared by Masterise Homes and Marriott, waiting for customers in their branded apartments.

The sophistication and professionalism in every detail during the trip made a profound impression on the customers of Grand Marina, Saigon. “With just one trip, I could feel the dedication and thoughtfulness of both Masterise Homes and Marriott, ” said Mr. Le Hai Phu (Hanoi) about the trip.

Since the trip, all customers returned as proud owners of Marriott and JW Marriott-branded residences in Vietnam.

“This is the first time a Vietnamese real estate developer has organized such a unique sales event - bringing Vietnamese customers abroad to experience and 'try' before deciding to purchase their future homes at our branded residences project. The event has demonstrated the advanced lead of Masterise Homes in product development and innovative sales service,” said Bhuvan Bhushan, Deputy Head of Sales, Masterise Homes.

Purchasing rate and the positive response rate both reach 100% is a testament to the ultimate experience and the impeccable standards that Masterise Homes has successfully brought to Vietnamese customers.

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