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Why Masterise Homes



At Masterise Homes, we believe that people are the most important asset to achieve outstanding success. We create the environment in which you can explore and maximize your potential.

Aiming to achieve outstanding success
Masterise Homes is a group of elite individuals who aspire to breakthrough to achieve outstanding success. Each employee is an important resource to contribute to the overall success of the company. At Masterise Homes, your career growth is closely linked with our sustainable & relentless development.
Attractive Salary and Bonus
Masterise Homes offers attractive and competitive compensation policy, well reflecting the work efficiency of each employee. We build our incentive mechanism, in consultation with highly prestigious experts, based on the evaluation of work efficiency and competencies, in order to rightly appreciate the performance and contribution of each employee.
Agile Work Environment
Agile working is applied in large corporations worldwide; its outstanding advantage is the diverse and flexible working space. It allows individuals to have their own space, enhancing bonding and maximizing their creativity.
In-Depth Training Program
Talent development is one of the top priorities of Masterise Homes. We have partnered with world-class experts to organize skill and technical training, aiming to develop the career path for each employee at all levels.
Ultimate Career Development
At Masterise Homes, we offer transparent and fair promotion opportunities for every employee. KPIs and objective-based performance evaluation is frequently implemented.
Comprehensive Welfare Regime
We care about our employees’ work-life balance through comprehensive health insurance for employees and their relatives, health training activities such as Yoga and Zumba Dance; Domestic and oversea trips, etc.
Attractive House Purchase Offer
Masterise Homes offers special discount programs for long-service employees who contribute to the success of the company.

Continuing our strong growth momentum, Masterise Homes is expanding nationwide and We need YOU, our potential talents. 

Be a part of us, the MASTERISERS, who are always aiming to break through and achieve outstanding success. 

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