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Masterise Homes is looking to hire a Structural Design Assistant Manager to join the Design department team to help drive efficiency and effective function of the company.
The Assistant Manager will report to the Director of Structural Design and will assist with implementation of all design activities for all projects assigned to him, and will be assisting the Managers & Director of Structural design in monitoring day to day activities to insure compliance with MASTERISE design processes, standards & regulations in line with international standards.


1. Design work

  • Participate in drafting of project design brief, scope & deliverables for new projects
  • Be involved in the preparation of request for proposal (RFP), and develop a clear understanding of the format
  • Get familiar with Technical proposals received from the consultants and research company qualifications for comparable projects, and present findings to the Director
  • Participate in establishing project delivery timelines in coordination with Managers & Director
  • Attend kick off meetings, Technical coordination meetings, and weekly progress meetings with the consultants
  • Seek Manager’s assistance to get familiar the Project Design Management Plan (PDMP) for assigned projects
  • In coordination with Managers and Director, and as directed by them, ensure timely and accurate design work by coordinating, monitoring, reviewing and managing design consultants work in conjunction with set design management plan and expected quality
  • As directed by the Director, assist in Management & Monitoring of consultant’s work progress in relation to set design programmes
  • Review and comment on all drawings and documents submitted by Design Consultants, and report back to the Manager. Consolidate all comments from manager and Director following design review meeting, and draft all consolidated design comments into design review template and submit to Manager
  • Review all reports submitted by Design Consultant and report to Manager & Director on weekly basis any areas of Concern
  • Keep track of Risk registry for each project, and highlight to Managers and Director any points requiring urgent attention
  • Get familiar with overall project budgets, and seek manager’s assistance to understand key design related factors to keep an eye on during design in an effort to control the budget
  • Attend Value engineering workshops with the consultant to achieve targeted budget through optimal designs. Ensure seeking the Manager & Director’s guidance following the meeting to ensure full understanding of way forward, and pros & cons of every item discussed
  • Conduct site inspections with other senior team members, and draft inspection report for Directors review and approval
  • When required Assist Director with inputs required for presentations to BOD

2. Implementation of Department standards & Processes

  • Review & understand the design management plan (DMP) standard form. Seek Director’s guidance for clarifications when needed
  • Review & get familiar with standard RFP templates for Structural design consultancy services. Seek Director’s guidance for clarifications when needed
  • Review & understand MASTERISE design standards manual. Seek Director’s guidance for clarifications when needed
  • Review & Understand design review checklists, and periodically contribute to developing the document
  • Study, and memorize “statutory design guidelines” document & assist in keeping the document up to date based on latest authority requirements
  • Review & understand Design department processes & procedures. Seek Director’s guidance for clarifications when needed
  • Implement all design standards and procedures throughout the various stages of design
  • Ensure periodical review of Lessons- learnt log sheet, and implementation of measures to rectify issues
  • Maintain awareness of industry trends, methodologies, tools, templates and best practices

3. Development of Personal capabilities

  • Embrace a culture of continuous improvements within the department
  • Thrive to learn, and continuously gather more knowledge from senior team members and other literature
  • Embrace transparency & accountability, and learning from mistakes
  • Embrace a culture of cooperation within team members in the department and with other internal departments based on the common goals and objectives of the company
  • Seek the Design Director’s guidance to set up a road map visualizing a clear pathway to career progression and growth within the company
  • Seek the Design director’s periodical feedback on your performance, and when needed seek the Director’s direction on how to re-align with the department’s objectives
  • Understand your areas of weaknesses and request periodical mentoring from the Design Director or setting up training sessions to sharpen capabilities


  • BA level degree or higher in Structural design
  • Relevant experience in Structural design of Residential, Commercial and Hospitality projects
  • Should come from a design background and have a proven track record with extensive previous involvement in design
  • Total working experience of 5 years and above
  • Proficient in commonly used application software (AutoCAD, Etabs, Safe)
  • Knowledge in Revit software (BIM) is an advantage
  • Proficient in common application software (Power point, Excel, etc.)
  • Dynamic and motivated team player who is both efficient when working independently with minimal supervision or in a team
  • A flexible, self-driven and a proactive individual able to understand the nature of the work and prioritize according to schedule and deadlines
  • Demonstrated capability to think strategically and execute tactically
  • Ability to learn quickly and show resourcefulness

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