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Be responsible for developing policies, norms, guidelines and processes to function quantity surveying (including approval for construction budget, cost estimate, etc.) applicable to each product segment of the Company.

Be responsible for initiation, periodical updates and proposal of list of vendors, materials specifications, etc., as well as implementation of norms, standards, guidelines and processes in collaboration with the Functional Departments to ensure conformance to the Company’s approval and satisfy the demand of segment.

Be responsible to collaborate with Departments upon costs and quality of proposals for project execution.


Check the activities related to quantity surveying, contract execution and payment; independently evaluate the execution of these activities within the Projects on a periodic basis; submit reports to Head of Department, BODs and stakeholders.

Be responsible for independent evaluation of quality and capacity of contractors/consultants within the Projects on a periodic basis; submit reports to lines of authority as regulated.

Be responsible for reporting / demonstration on a periodic basis or ad hoc as required.

Project support

Act as the contact point and collaborate with Functional Departments to establish and submit budget estimate of each Project for approval.

Be responsible for collaborating with Functional Departments within quantity surveying according to the approved process.

Act as the contact point to receive all requirements by functional departments related to contractors/consultants, Projects, etc. for quantity surveying activities of Projects, including but not limited to BoQ (Bill of Quantity), BoM (Bill of Materials), etc.

Act as the contact point within tender invitation and initial evaluation on vendors and submit shortlist of vendors to Lines of Authority for approval.

Manage, control and execute tendering – proposal for projects, construction and packages

Manage and control contractual quantity, additional matters and payment during construction, final settlement, and contract execution.

Evaluate and control payment documents from contractors, suppliers, etc.

Other accountabilities:

Collaborate with and support other functions / departments in the company under his/her scope of profession

Be responsible for implementing and completing other assigned tasks

Be responsible for achieving the Financial KPIs, Non-financial KPIs and other KPIs assigned at certain times.


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