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QA/QC Director


The primary role is to handle and manage all aspects of the QA/QC Management of the Organization projects to ensure compliance to codes, standards, regulations, project specific specifications, and Quality Management System (QMS) requirements.

Key accountabilities Reporting lines

  1. Report to & assist the Deputy Head of Project Development Department in managing the projects as per MH QMS policies and procedures.
  2. Responsible of standardization of QMS procedures throughout the projects in accordance to Organization quality standards.
  3. Responsible for ensuring that MH Quality Management policy, plans and procedures are implemented effectively and are suitable for their purposes and use for which they are intended. 
  4. Lead and manage the QA/QC team and relevant expertise to the overall Quality Management System, policies and standards
  5. Liaise with QA/QC Managers over the full range of their duties and responsibilities, with respect to inspections, audits and report recommendations.
  6. Work out with MH project team concerning QA/QC matters in their own projects.
  7. Develops the existing Quality Management System as necessary with additional procedures/instructions for station-specific aspects
  8. Advise on setting up the improvement guidelines for Company Quality Management System to employees.
  9. To ensure improvements are implemented and results are feedback to employees.
  10. Establish Project Quality audit program & schedule and perform the Project Quality Audit within the project organization.
  11. Report the Project Quality Audit Results to Deputy Head of Project Development department and Project Director
  12. To demonstrates to the management, the achievement of quality objectives and targets.
  13. Ensure adequate distribution and communicating of QMS policies and procedures to all involved in project construction 14. Provide QA/QC leadership and operational support to all levels of the business and construction involved companies
  14. Ensure that an adequate programme of training for QMS is established and that the quality culture is encouraged amongst Employees and all personnel involved.
  15. Monitor Organization Quality System activities such as Site Quality activities based on Company’s Management system and Project requirements.
  16. Produce and develop the Project Quality Training Plan. Ensure implementation of the plan. Ensure that training records are maintained.
  17. Responsible for Construction Quality staff.
  18. Develop KPIs and ensure consistency in reporting across Organization Quality Management System. Participate in Kick Off meetings with consultants and contractors.
  19. Assist in the review and approve the contractor's QA/QC documents (quality plans, work procedures, etc.) prior to start of construction activities.
  20. Regularly visit project sites to monitor job performance and assess performance of project teams.
  21. Establish individual goals and objectives for direct reports in support of the Company’s strategic plans.
  22. Review technical Bid returns from contractors and service providers and provide QA/QC scoring.
  23. Allocates QA/QC personnel to the various areas/projects with defined responsibilities.
  24. Coordinate all quality related correspondences with the project management and Business representatives
  25. Set up quality documentation prior to the completion of the project

Technical Capability

  Standard Competencies Weight
A Knowledge 30%
1 Education:  

Degree holder of industrial, engineering, or equivalent science degree.

2 Knowledge 15%
  Well versed in local Authorities requirements and international standards and norms 5%

Excellent Knowledge of ISO standards 

  Very good understanding of design and
construction phasing and methodologies
3 Experience: 10%

15 to 18 years of continuous working experience of QMS in construction sites

  At least 5 years of which must be with property developer in the capacity of QA/QC senior manager. 5%
B Technical Skill 30%

Successful leadership and hands-on direction of QA/QC issues in major projects


Ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders


Fluency in written and spoken English.


Ability to develop, motivate and direct teams in large organization


Core Competencies

C1 General Competencies 20%
  Self-motivated and be able to work independently

  A good team player with exceptional inter personal skills. 4%

Strong interpersonal, communication and influencing skills


Able to work under stress and taking proper and rational decisions


Highly motivated and achievement oriented

C2 Special Competencies 10%

Review and update policies and procedures


Resourceful in problem solving and be able to remedy adverse events to mitigate damages.


Experience creating and managing QMS policies


Experience in project planning and execution


Leadership Competencies

  Previous experience in people’s
management as team leader.

Previous experience in resource allocation and priority setting






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