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Project Execution Director-MEPF

  1. Leading MEPF project executions as per the stipulated norms of construction, design guidelines and within the estimated cost,timeline & MH quality standards.
  2. Review the project in-depth to schedule deliverables and lead the MEP engineeringteam to optimize construction works as per final MEPF design.
  3. Oversee all onsite construction works to monitor compliance with project requirement, quality and safety regulations.
  4. Monitoring and anticipating any possible delays and taking advance actions.
  5. Monitor Project cost and provide HOD with timely identification of deviations from project
  6. Identify problematic MEPF design issues and make recommendations for alternative value engineering options and cost-effective re-design
  7. Monitor site progress works including installation of required MEPF equipment against MEPF design accepted programs and project timeline.
  8. Make recommendation where extra resources or alternative work processes are required to maintain orincrease performance.
  9. Leading and conducting MEPF weekly meetings, as well as, managing the MEPF managers, consultants and contractors.
  10. Plan ahead to prevent problems and resolve any emerging ones.
  11. Empowering and inspiring people to achieve project success; solving problems, delivering strategic,analytical and conceptual thinking for successful completion through coordination of all efforts.
  12. Strengthening team expertise in driving project excellence by providing project strategy recommendations toenhance project value, ensuring efficient use of project resources, adherence to agreed timelines, and project quality.
  13. Managing, analyzing project needs, establishing project management strategy, and recommendingappropriate level of planning, scheduling and control of consultants and contractor.
  14. Attending technical meetings and mediating with stakeholders and working groups (architects, engineers,consultants, MEPF managers and administrative support) engaged in the project.
  15. Review and validate MEPF material submittals and shop drawings.
  16. Manage MEPF works change order requests, verifying that changes
    are in line with MH specifications and authorities
    requirements, and maintain record.
  17. Review and validate all other change requests.
  18. Manage MEPF request for procurement pertaining MEPF packages and equipment.
  19. Assist in setting out the project responsibility matrix to define the scope of contractors and suppliers within each project for MEPF items/works.
  20. Organize and attend inspection prior hand over.
  21. Ensure that snagging and remedial works are carried out by the
  22. Obtain operating and maintenance manual of all installed
  23. Obtain, review and approve as-built documentation for MEPF


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