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Masterise Homes

Operation Manager


The Operation Manager is responsible for the smooth co-ordination and supervision of the Sales Gallery including Security, Front services team (Receptionist, Driver, Doorman), FB attendant, Housekeeping and technical services. They are also responsible and empowered to ensure all related Departments working in the Sales Gallery such as Sales, Services Operation and Finance follow the standard of service which has been set. 

It’s also Operation Manager’s duty to ensure that the Sales Gallery is always in good condition including safety, security, cleanliness, audio/visual equipment, decorations.

The Operation Manager makes decisions for the Sales Gallery, taking into account the company’s philosophies, policies, standards and procedures and is responsible for the day to day running.

The performance of the Operation Manager is assessed on their effectiveness as a member of the Customer Services’ management team, the service delivery of their Sales Gallery, the management skills developed and effectively applied by the individual and the training and development of their staff.



  • Preparation of internal administration documents on a timely basis, correspondence, record keeping, direct purchasing and the establishment and maintenance of par levels as appropriate
  • Conducting daily briefings and preparing daily sales reports, customer issues and any other gallery issues
  • Prepares reports for the following days activities and send daily to the Customer Service Management senior management including estimated customers expected, VIP visits.


Human Resources Management:

  • Drawing upon the assistance of the Human Resources Department, and in the environment of multi-skilling and creative rostering, the Operation Manager will be held accountable for the effective management, in accordance with company policies and philosophies, of staff at each level.
  • Responsibility for effective recruitment, training and development, certification, performance evaluation, turnover reduction and optimization of productivity through efficient work practices and staff rostering.
  • Support and reward staff innovation
  • Maintain open communication with peers, superiors, and subordinates at all times.


Financial Management:

  • The Operation Manager is responsible for setting and managing daily operation with an approved budget, focused on cost control.
  • Propose to direct manager budget for special events happened in the Sales Gallery


Service Delivery:

  • Observe and manage food and beverage quality
  • Manages both internal staff, contractors and agents to ensure a high level of service.
  • Coordination of all aspects of the departments in company to ensure that the services of the Sales Gallery are delivered to guests or internal customers with the aim of exceeding guest expectations and in accordance with Masterise Homes’ standards and procedures.
  • Plan and carry out special events happen in the Sales Gallery in cooperation with Marketing, Sales
  • Ensure all facilities as well as decoration in the Sales Gallery always are in good condition.
  • Ensure all Customer Service team members have a high level of project product knowledge
  • Analyze and respond to guest feedback, guest satisfaction and employee satisfaction information; and give a positive commitment to continuous improvement of product and performance.
  • Develop and implement strategies to minimize absenteeism and to manage occupational health & safety issues.
  • Responsible for the day to day management of all staff working in the Sales Gallery including those from 
  • Align management style, working practices and conduct with Masterise Homes Vision, Corporate Values and Customer Service Promises. 
  • Be well versed and knowledgeable of Fire and Evacuation procedures as well as health and safety requirements in the Workplace.  Ensure employees are aware of their duty of care as determined by legislation and that they maintain complete familiarity.
  • Uphold the Customer Services culture by demonstrating the Excellent Service Standards at all times to guests and fellow associates.
  • Personally ensure compliance with all relevant Workplace Health & Safety and Occupational Health & Safety legislation
  • Undertake other duties as required by company.

To summarise, it is not the intention of this Job Description to limit the scope or responsibilities of the above-mentioned, but to highlight the most important aspects of your position.  It is essential that all associates are committed to their jobs and the success of the enterprise, and maintain a willingness to accept total flexibility of jobs and duties throughout the company.


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